Culinary Creativity

Picture above are some of the dishes that Jude and his team have put together this year 2016 for some of the special events that they’ve been involved in.

The ‘Last Night At the Proms’ dessert plate that Jude presented on 2016’s BBC2’s Great British Menu is particularly decadent.

Jude represented the South West in 2015, 2016 and 2018 on the BBC Great British Menu alongside other rockstar chefs, such as Josh Eggleton, Dom Chapman, Olivia Barry, Tom Brown and Chris Wheeler  He brought his usual flair and cheeky personality to the program and to every dish he presented.

He was invited back again to represent the South West once more in 2016 and then a further time in 2018 and each time whipped up some incredibly exciting dishes to present.

The menus at Kota and Kota Kai are a testimony to the dedication Jude and his team show to the development of every dish, making sure that the flavours are a perfect combination for the most wonderful tasty treat.


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