One day my prince will come…

Yesterday was a big day in the Porthleven. Crowds of locals and visitors too gathered around the inner harbour to catch a glimpse of HRH Price Charles and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.  Whilst the sun refused to be involved in the affair at least the rain kept clear until the Royals had passed through the village.


Jude, Jane and the team of chefs and front of house from both Kota and Kota Kai joined forces to prepare Kota Kai for a pop-in from the visitors.



Kota Kai was stripped back, polished to a high shine and all the windows opened for a cooling ‘arctic breeze’ as per requests.  Keen eyes kept a watch on the progression of around the harbour from the windows.

Chef & Front of house staff at Kota Kai by the window.
Kota Kai waiting for HRH Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall to arrive.


A colourful selection of sweet and savoury canapés were prepared and arranged ready for offering up to the special guests and other V.I.P’s.  Perfectly green Mint macaroons were strikingly plated up, alongside vibrant red berry tarts and cucumber finger sandwiches and delightfully juicy chocolate covered strawberries.



Official taster Joe made sure they were as good as they looked… they were definitely approved! Joe Kereama wolfing down a fruity tart

While the team grouped together for a quick team talk we were joined by Tregothan Tea’s Jonathon who offered a perfect brew to the visitors and Clare Lattimer of Clare’s Cornish Kitchen.


The massing crowds swarmed around the procession as Charles and Camilla made their way through the street trying to acknowledge everyone who had come to see them.  They paused on the harbour side road as the wonderful signing choir from Porthleven School entertained them with a well performed recital.

The visiting pair made sure to say hello to as many people as they could, I’m sure their hands would have been aching from the many many handshakes they were giving out.  The gig team, the children from the school, the gallery and restaurant owners – no one was bypassed.

Unfortunately the schedule had a sudden change leaving little time for a pit stop in Kota Kai, much to the Prince’s disappointment.  Jude, Jane and the team were asked to bustle across the road to meet the visitors.  We congregated outside the marquee – which showcased some of the finest of Cornish suppliers.  Jude and Jane were joined by their son Joe and General Manager Jenna in the line up to meet and greet.

Jude & Jonathon meet Prince Charles & Camilla
Anyone for Tea?


After a super quick visit into Kota Kai restaurant, the royal pair climbed back into their car and continued on their county wide tour of Cornwall… After a bit of a bromance wave farewell with Jude.

Prince Charles, Jude Kereama waving goodbye outside Kota Kai in Porthleven
Thanks to Jeremy Goodwin for this perfect photo




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