What a whirlwind tour with the Great British Menu Chefs

Jude has spent the last week racing around the countryside with fellow Great British Menu Chefs Josh Eggleton and Chris Wheeler.  I’d like to think their travelling style was somewhat in the manner of The Italian Job, all racing Mini’s and doors being blown off in a terribly frantic British manner, however the delayed trains and busy motorways make it sound much more of the mundane British travelling experiences.

The reason for the three chef’s getting together is to host special evenings in their individual restaurants to share some of their Great British Menu dishes with customers.  By all accounts, and a lot of twitter activity, both evenings further up the line went brilliantly.  The first restaurant to host the evening with the three amigos was Josh Eggleton’s Pony and Trap in Chew Magna, just outside of Bristol.  The views over the valley and the pub itself is a stunning building inside.  The chef’s pulled out all the stops as they presented their dishes.  Each chef had two dishes on the menu, one from the Great British Menu and one signature dish.

(The featured photo courtesy of @theponyandtrap shows how relaxed the chefs are just before they hit the kitchen, and below from left to right – ‘Les Rosbifs’ by Josh Eggleton, Chris Wheeler with his ‘Humphreys Chocolate Box’ and Judes ‘Last Night At The Proms’)


After a great night in Chew Magna, the chefs picked up their pans and packed themselves off to Stokes Park to do it all over again at Chris Wheelers grandly elegant restaurant Humphreys.  Humphreys is a beautiful location and almost an extension of Chris’s stunning theatrical dish presentation.  Looking at this wonderful photo collage from @James_Hakesley the dishes were incredibly presented again.


Now with the Great British Menu evening rapidly approaching for Kota Kai, November 17th, we are literally fasting ourselves in preparation for trying every tiny morsel.  The amount of thought and consideration that has gone into each dish is incredible!



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  1. Yum these look amazing! So creative!


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